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Create Simulated Raised Panel Doors and Door Edges in both MDF & Wood. Build simulated MDF raised panel doors and door edges using interchangeable solid carbide insert knives, designed to give the appearance of a raised panel door in MDF or solid panels. Two passes are all that is needed for a simple raised panel look using one of the included solid carbide insert knives. The plunge form knives can also be used to create the door edge. Used to route wood & MDF wainscot panels.

The Amana Tool® Nova System insert knife collection gives you a wide range of profiling options in a single router bit with replaceable carbide tips. The innovation is in the bit. The replaceable hard carbide blades gives a whole range of profile options in a single bit, as well as other vital advantages such as durability, versatility, safety, service-free, and cost effectiveness.

Simulated MDF and Wood Raised Panel Door CNC Insert Solid Carbide Router Bits:
-1/2” shank tool body #NS-102 included with each set
-One pair of insert knives included with set
-Replacement knives sold in pairs -Industrial quality
-MDF grade solid carbide insert knives
-Long lasting

Use one of the many "Raised Panel" profiles in conjunction with the "Plunge Form" profile for one pass each. (Refer to images shown when you click on the individual router bits below.)

Complete the look with one pass of the door edge using any "Plunge Form" bit.

-Long lasting insert knives provide superior smooth quality cuts every time
-Quick and precise replacements of dull knives
-Due to insert accuracy tool life is extended
-Insert tooling allows for harder grades of carbide
-Knives can be re-sharpened multiple times without an effect on the original profile
-Cost effective solution compared to replacing brazed router bits

EOASAW - Amana Tool MDF Cabinet Door CNC Insert Router Bits

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1 - 12 of 12 | Results Per Page | View | Unit of Measure