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The Quadraset™ is an adjustable slotting assembly that includes 1/8", 5/32", 3/16", and 1/4" two-wing cutters; a 1/2" shank arbor with a pilot bearing; and a handful of spacers, washers, and shims.

Conceptually, it is like a table-saw dado stack set. You can use the cutters individually on the arbor, or you can combine two, three, or all of the cutters on the arbor. Thus, you can cut slots that range in widths from 1/8" up to 23/32" in 1/32" increments.

*A full 3/4" cut can be achieved using one additional 53107 5/32 2-wing slot cutter (available separately).

To reduce depth of cut, refer to Vari-Depth™ bearings (1/4" and 3/8" depth)

Replacement parts: bearing #47708, arbor #47612

Construct a wainscot door—wainscot doors can be a beautiful addition to an informal, country-style kitchen. Their beaded panels are reminiscent of times long past. Constructing wainscot doors is easy with Amana router bits. You'll need only two bits: the Quadraset™ #53600 and the corner bead bit #54163.

#53600 Warning: Use in a table-mounted router. Not for use in a handheld router!

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