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Designed to cut tongue & groove joinery for solid wood paneling. Two patterns—1/4" bead (#55330) or a 45° 'V' (#55320)—are available individually or as a set. Each assembly comprises a profile cutter, a rabbet cutter and groove cutter, two different sized bearings, a 1/2" shank arbor, and a selection of washers, shims, and spacers. To cut the tongue, assemble the profile cutter, small bearing, and rabbet cutter as shown in the solid drawing. To rout the groove, mount the groover and large bearing with the profiler, as shown in the 'ghosted' drawing. The tool will work with stock from 1/2" through 1" thick.

EOASAW - Amana Tool Bead & 'V' Paneling Assembly Carbide-Tipped 2-Wing w/Ball Bearing Guide
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  • 45°

Overall Length (in)

  • 3 1/8

Item #

Diameter (D)

Diameter (D1)



Cut Height

Shank (1)




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55320 N/A 1 13/16 in N/A 1 5/16 in N/A N/A 45° N/A 1/2 to 1 3/16 N/A 1/2 in N/A 2-Wing w/Ball Bearing Guide N/A 'V' $192.75 Add To Cart
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