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Custom Tooling - Can't find a stock tool for your cutting situation? Edge of Arlington can help you with a unique cutting solution tailored to your particular needs. We are experienced in a wide variety of materials, applications, and processes. We have on-site manufacturing capabilities and represent some of the finest industrial manufacturers in the world.

EOASAW CUSTOM DIAMOND TOOLINGCustom Diamond Tooling - Polycrystalline Diamond is a synthesized, extremely durable intergrown group of randomly placed diamond particles, which are bound to a tungsten carbide substrate. Just think of very fine diamond particles, micron rated, held together with a cobalt binder and then pressed onto a layer of carbide. This process is performed under extreme pressure and high temperature. Edge of Arlington can assist you in determining if PCD tooling is appropriate and cost effective for you!
Custom Insert Tooling - Insert tooling is appropriate in a wide variety of applications; just about any application where you currently use a carbide-tipped tool. There are some common profiles available that utilize standard inserts, making them very affordable. Standard Insert heads are very common on edgebanders, standard shaper cutter profiles, planer heads, and router bits. Edge of Arlington can make you custom inserts to match your unique profiles. We will assign them their own unique part number and they will be the same today, tomorrow, or years from now.

Sharpening Services - Edge of Arlington Saw & Tool offers a sharpening service for just about every need. If it cuts, we can probably EOASAW SHARPENING SERVICESsharpen it. In addition, we provide a wide variety of services, such as opening the bore on blades, balancing heads, replacement gibs, and tip replacement.

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