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Cut channels for pipes or cables using the ball end bit. The profile requires the cut to be made in a single pass. To reduce stress on the bit, cut an initial groove using a straight bit matching the D1 dimension of the ball end bit.

Max RPM 18,000

Warning: These tools have an open flute design (not anti-kickback) and are intended for high feed rate CNC machine use only. Do not use in portable routers!

Unit of Measure



N/A 1 in

Diameter D1

N/A 43/64 in

B (Cutting Height)

N/A 15/16


N/A 1/2 in


N/A 1/2 in


N/A 67115


N/A RCK-54


N/A Amana Tool Industrial


N/A Profile is useful as a "conduit" for cables, pipes, etc. Warning: Max RPM = 18,000

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