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Viking Drill & Tool 1/2" Reduced Shank Silver & Deming Super High Speed - M42 Cobalt Type 280-D 8-Pc Set - 9/16"-1" by 16ths

1/2" Reduced Shank Silver & Deming Super High-Speed - M42 Cobalt • Heavy-duty 135° split point with gold finish for use in drilling hard tough metals, free machining stainless steel, high temperature alloys, titanium, and certain plastics  • High red hot hardness of cobalt steel permits speeds 30% higher than regular high speed steel drills  • Cobalt drills require rigidly held, positive feed drilling equipment
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Addt'l Detail

N/A M42 Cobalt 135° Split Point

Set Includes

N/A 9/16" - 1" by 16ths

Qty. per pack

N/A one 8-Pc Set


N/A Viking Drill & Tool
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