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Premium bi-metal with 8% cobalt provides Xtreme results in performance and up to 50% longer lifetime than the competition.

Special tooth geometry with regular pitch provides a smoother cut and better chip clearance preventing clogging and heat build-up. Teeth are alternate & side set to minimize binding and friction, requiring less feed pressure. Ideal for mild steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metal, aluminum, cast iron, copper, and zinc.

NOTE!: Speed kills! Operating at higher speeds than those recommeneded will shorten hole saw life and produce very inefficient cutting. Feed Pressure: Variables in material, work configuration should be considered. Apply sufficient feed pressure to favor good chip removal. Reduce the pressure when hole saw becomes hot or if teeth start to clog with material. Insufficient feed pressure will dull tooth points prematurely, but too much pressure can completely destroy teeth. Cooling Lubricant: Cutting oil serves several purposes when sawing in metals: it cools the saw & workplace; it reduces heat and abrasion, which can shorten cutting life; it helps remove swarf from the cutting surface; will extend hole saw life by 500%.

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Unit of Measure


N/A 2 11/16 in68 mm

Metal RPM

N/A 130

Stainless Steel RPM

N/A 65

Cast Iron RPM

N/A 80

Aluminum RPM

N/A 185


N/A CMT Orange Tools
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