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Technical Details:

Tool body in steel; two TC reversible knives in swiveling blade carriers. Cutting on periphery and both sides. Swiveling range towards top 0-45°, towards bottom 0-90°, infinitely variable adjustment according to precise scale. With positive stops at 7.5° through adjustment aide. No displacement of adjusted beveling angle when replacing blades. Right rotation.


For joining, rebating, and chamfering of solid wood and wooden boards. Suitable for CNC router machines and stationary router machine with manual or mechanical feed.

Spare Parts Listing:

790.395.12 Knife 39.5 x 12 x 1.5mm
663.999.01 Wedge 38 x 6 x 12mm
990.087.00 Screw STEI M6 x 8mm (threaded pin 4 x 2mm)
991.067.00 Hex key 3mm
663.999.02 Kit with 2 wedges and 1 screw for blocking rotation
990.099.00 Screw TCEI M8 x 25mm
990.023.00 Nut M8 (4mm)
991.081.00 Hex Key "T" 4mm

Unit of Measure

Diameter 'D'

N/A 85 mm3 11/32 in

D_Max 45°

N/A 4 1/32

I (Inches)

N/A 1 9/16

Swivel Area

N/A 0° to 45°

Overall Length

N/A 3 5/8 in

Shank Diameter

N/A 20 mm

Right/Left Hand

N/A Right-hand rotation


N/A CMT Orange Tools
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